Dr. Renesh Bedre is an Assistant Research Scientist at Texas A&M AgriLife Research. He received his Ph.D. from Louisiana State University, where he studied and applied genomics and bioinformatics approaches to understand the genetics of model and non-model plants associated with diseases and abiotic stresses.

At Texas A&M AgriLife Research, he continued his work on high-throughput genomics analysis and developed new computational methods to understand the complex genetic traits, gene networks, pathways, and basal molecular mechanisms for developing next-generation crops.

In his research, he primarily employs bioinformatics, statistical, and machine learning methods to exploit the large-scale sequencing datasets and interpret meaningful biological information.

Besides, he developed scalable software/tools, automated analysis pipeline, statistical models, and integrated databases for effective analysis and visualization of massive omics datasets. He primarily uses Python and R for data analysis and visualization. He uses Nexflow for computational pipelines for reproducible and scalable omics data analysis.

From his research output, Dr. Bedre bridges the gap between high-throughput plant genetics data and actionable biological insights for experimental biologists.