Pandas groupby function to group column values into list

Renesh Bedre    1 minute read

Group dataframe rows into a list based on a common element from one column

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv("")
# output
           target     pfam_id  score
0   Glyco_hydro_1  PF00232.19  164.4
1   Glyco_hydro_1  PF00232.19  147.2
2  Glyco_hydro_17  PF00332.19  113.5
3  Glyco_hydro_17  PF00332.19  114.0
4  Glyco_hydro_14  PF01373.18  363.0
5   Glyco_hydro_1  PF00232.19   17.9
6  Glyco_hydro_14  PF01373.18   40.0
7  Glyco_hydro_16  PF00722.22  207.9
8  Glyco_hydro_18  PF00704.29  130.6
9  Glyco_hydro_18  PF00704.29  135.8

# group pfam_id into list based on common target
# output
PF00232.19    [Glyco_hydro_1, Glyco_hydro_1, Glyco_hydro_1]
PF00332.19                 [Glyco_hydro_17, Glyco_hydro_17]
PF00704.29                 [Glyco_hydro_18, Glyco_hydro_18]
PF00722.22                                 [Glyco_hydro_16]
PF01373.18                 [Glyco_hydro_14, Glyco_hydro_14]

# if you want to rename the columns after groupby, you may use reset_index() on dataframe
# df.reset_index()

Group dataframe rows into a list based on a common element from two columns

# group score into list based on common target and pfam_id
df.groupby(['target', 'pfam_id'])['score'].apply(list)
# output
target          pfam_id
Glyco_hydro_1   PF00232.19    [164.4, 147.2, 17.9]
Glyco_hydro_14  PF01373.18           [363.0, 40.0]
Glyco_hydro_16  PF00722.22                 [207.9]
Glyco_hydro_17  PF00332.19          [113.5, 114.0]
Glyco_hydro_18  PF00704.29          [130.6, 135.8]


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